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ProjectSpace is an easy & powerful construction project management platform which brings team members together from pre-construction onward .

Engaging & Compelling

  • The most familiar & easy to use project management platform!

  • Engagement and gamification encourages productivity

  • Browser, tablet, handheld – works where the worker goes

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Connect & communicate on projects like never before

  • Secure collaboration woven into information access

  • SMS, email, Chat, Video, Push Notifications, Comments

Engineering Data Management

  • Project Life Cycle Management applied to Construction

  • Solves the problem of ever changing plans and people

  • Plans, Models, Schedules, Costs – Related and visualized

Open & Interoperable

  • Works with legacy & competing systems 

  • Imports and Exports Common & Industry Standard formats

  • Open source underpinnings pushes platform capabilities